Thursday, December 17, 2009

10 ways to tame the chaos and organize your office life

I have signed up for too many email newsletters, but I sometimes manage to read them.

10 ways to tame the chaos and organize your office life by Jack Wallen talks about ways to unclutter your life. They all sound like great tips in general, but I suspect that these kind of tips are really ways for those with great organization skills to torment those who are more challenged in this area.

How many successful people are really hyper-organized, like these articles suggest? I don't dispute the fact that keeping good organization is valuable, but is having an ultra-clean desk really that key a factor in success?

The problem is that you only read these articles from those who are neat freaks.

It would be interesting to see a study of how much this kind of organization is really valuable. Is it necessary to do well or is just finding something that works good enough? It is quite possible that those who struggle more with organization are more productive overall. Maybe better organization would help them be even more productive, but perhaps it would just divert them from their strengths.

I will have to dig into this more later....


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Scientific Progress and Atheism

I read another ignorant letter to the editor in USA Today yesterday. The writer was claiming that atheism was the true force enabling scientific breakthroughs.

Have these people studied scientific history at all? Are they intentionally or accidentally ignorant? While the recent scientific world has discriminated against those with beliefs in a creator of some sort, most of the fundemental breakthroughs in science were by those who firmly believed life had meaning because it had a creator and so could focus their efforts on finding that consistent meaning.

What scientific breakthroughs came because of a belief in no creator? Not just an uncertainty of such, but because none existed, the key tenet of atheism? Even breakthroughs by atheist scientists didn't require atheism, so why do some continue to claim otherwise?

I find it amazing that we continually proclaim those who make beautiful things are worthy of praise, yet deny the Creator of the most beautiful thing in existence, the life all around of, of the praise He so richly deserves.