Sunday, August 04, 2013

Saving Wildlife by Killing It

I don't know if it is possible to beat the idiocy of modern society.  I am sure stupid things were done in the past and I have read about many, but the modern state seems to have magnified stupidity.

Armed government agents raid animal shelter to euthanize baby deer

I can understand some of the reasons we don't want people keeping wildlife, especially carnivores as personal pets, but isn't this a bit ridiculous?  Why was the equivalent of a SWAT team needed to kill off a fawn at an animal shelter?

When will we grow up and realize that giving government too much power to protect also enables even more power to abuse.  I see no good that came out of this situation.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Intolerant People

I read in many different places on the Internet and it never seems to fail that the most intolerant people are the ones who claim to have the most tolerance for differences.  They may accept this that or the other, but they will jump on you in a second if you dare disagree with them. 

This shows me that they are just as intolerant as any they oppose, perhaps even more so, since deviating from their self-proclaimed tolerant line is sufficient justification in their own minds for them to call you any sort of name and supposedly completely ignore you.

Most of those who supposedly hold intolerant views mostly just want to be left alone.  Why are the intolerant compelled to shove into their lives?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

They Know Where You Are

I was listening to a podcast that was advocating using location information from phones to pre-fill in forms and such on smart phones.  This is a great idea as a way to simplify the lives of potential users since they do not need to enter information that is already known.  I personally find cell phone interfaces tough to work with because I have big fingers and a tougher time seeing small text.

This is scary however in that the phone and hence those who track it know exactly where I am at all times.  Many applications already prompt to know location information on my Android phone and it is generally not possible to adjust that and still use the app.

So we may get flexibility and a lot less privacy....

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Start Doing Something

One problem some of us with so many ideas have is deciding on what to focus on.  Having too many things that could take our attention often means that we end up doing nothing since we can't make a choice of which one to pursue.

This advice is for me as much as anyone who reads this:  Do something!  You can't steer a ship that isn't moving.  Watch getting committed for the long term, but don't be afraid to jump in with something to get done now even if it may end up not being the ideal thing to do!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What Name to Use

I am going back and forth on what name to use on my blog and other Internet postings.  R. Bradley Andrews is much more distinctive, but seems a bit too formal in many uses.  Brad Andrews is simpler but others have dared to use the same name out there!

I thought about a clever alias, but the ones that come to mind seem to presumptive and I have already pretty much decided that I am going to live with my core ideas being connected with me.

I am shifting to the simple Brad Andrews either way, but we shall see.  What choice has everyone else made in this area?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Another Holiday Season

The holiday season has been very rough around our house for the past few years.  Things were somewhat fun when our children were young, but we had horrible times as they got older, especially since their acting out increased greatly around this time of the year. 

(See my adoption blog if you want to know some reasons why.)

This year was very quiet.  My oldest son just moved back to the area of his birth family so he and his family did not come over at all.  My wife did go down to see our youngest daughter who is the only one that lives at all close and the only other one that still talks with us.  She had a good quiet time and then came home.

We did brave the crowds at Walmart at 8pm to take advantage of some of their sales.  It is amazing what some people will do to save a few dollars.  We got a couple of cheap DVDs and my wife did most of her Christmas shopping.  I did get a cheap Targus laptop backpack, but I am not sure that it is as good as it looks like and I may just stick with the Jansport one I got cheap with a timely visit to a discount shoe store just after school started.  It seems to have much more room and a reasonable 2 compartment layout.

I doubt I will go next year, but it was an interesting experience.

I may head out to by some educational toys tomorrow at Michaels, but I am not going to do much else.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Things I Have Learned from World of Warcraft

Some things I have learned while playing World of Warcraft:

- Your perspective has a big influence on how you see your situation.  Usually backing your perspective out so you see more of the situation helps you see that you are not as bad off as you may think.

- Surviving is sometimes enough.  Many people will boast about plowing through life's troubles, but few really do so.  Most of us struggle to apply what we have to overcome the obstacles before us. 

- Deal with one problem at a time.  You may be able to jump back and forth between the many fires in your life, but you can only really address one thing at a time.

- Our injuries are often are own fault.  We often stand in junk in life instead of moving ourselves to a safe location.

- Safe locations do not always exist.  You sometimes have just tough out the bad times and get them over as quickly as possible.

- Having friends to support you is worth more than any individual skill you might have.  Getting actively healed in life can allow you to face and overcome far more than you could alone.

- Some people are just inherently obnoxious.  They will swoop in and take the thing you have been working towards, often with no remorse on their part.  They are unlikely to realize you even exist beyond being someone to tie up the troubles that are keeping them from what they want.

- Some people are inherently nice.  You can find those who want to be helpful if you just look for them.  Don't impose on them, but let them help.

- Being a giving person generally helps you in the long run.  Some people will always take advantage of you, but being willing to freely give can also open up the nice people in your life.

Who says MMOs are completely useless?