Thursday, May 28, 2015

Avoid Vizio Products

I bought a Vizio TV years ago when they were just getting in the market.  It was a workhorse for many years and is still doing fairly well.

Last Christmas I gave in and upgrade that 42 inch set to a discounted 60 inch "Internet Ready" one at WalMart.  The color was good and the size increase was nice in our great room.

I have since moved into a new house and evidently did something wrong and I now have an ugly set of lines on the left side of the screen.

I got in contact with Vizio support and after a fair bit of jumping through hoops they decided that something had been "thrown at the TV" and they would not pay for any repairs, even though it is less than 6 months old.

The formal solid Vizio TV and engineering seems to have been replaced replaced by a much less reliable one that they used to make.

I would highly recommend you avoid Vizio products due to this change in philosophy on their part.  You may mitigate it by purchasing the extended warranties I normally avoid, but just avoiding their products is likely the best solution since so many good products are available.

Companies really need to watch things like this in the age of social media.

Avoid Vizio!!!!

Pictures of the failure on my dead TV below.  Vizio just responds to tweets and such to assert it is "not covered by the warranty.  I wonder what is ever covered by the warranty in that case.  Nice product, unless you use it.

$700-800 down the drain.  Hope they think the poor press and customer loss is worth it.

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