Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Where to start? Clearly this hasn't come too fast, but part of the problem is that I have too much to say. Deciding where to start is the hardest. I am going to just start typing things and see where it goes.

I have gone through an interesting transformation over the past few decades. I began as a normal teen, but quickly found an affinity with strong conservatism. I wholeheartedly participated in Reagan's reelection and maintained the idea that if only the tide could turn, everything could be alright.

Many years and experiences, including the failure of the right to really change much of anything through politics have left me a lot more pessimistic.

The book Blinded by Might by Dobson & Thomas had some great points on the failure of politics to accomplish the means of righteousness. We cannot look to any political party as our salvation. Only by changing hearts can we have lasting change, and that is a much more difficult process.

I have come to lean more libertarian in recent years, though I can't stand a lot of the loose values of the national Libertarian Party. A key issue for me is abortion - I am staunchly pro-life and I cannot see how anyone justifies killing a human life, especially one that is clearly human in looks. How can a party claim to fight for "individual rights" and not champion the most defenseless? I have also found that they tend to favor laws granted special rights in some cases. A recent voters guide showed many/most of the Libertarian candidates as in favor of Hate Crimes legislation (where a crime is worse if the motive was "wrong.") and laws that prohibit descrimination against specific classes of people, both race and sexual preference were listed. A true libertarian would leave that up to individual choice, not government mandate!

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