Thursday, June 09, 2005

I think most people are rather apathetic about politics. Who wants to spend their days following this stuff when life has so much that needs to be taken care of?

The problem is that many of our political "leaders" take a lack of response from the electorate as an endorsement of their actions and policies. Instead of marking them as illegitimate in much of what they do, they take inaction as endorsement. And the news media lets them get away with it, especially if their agenda matches that of the news media.

Another aspect of this same problem is that those who favor "traditional life" are too busy surviving their attempt to live it to spend a lot of time defending it. Unfortunately, those who oppose it are more than willing to spend their time (for they don't value "traditional" things anyway) trying to change things. Thus those who want to destroy have more time to devote than those who want to preserve, or maybe even return (or go) to a more stable "traditional" role.

While everything "traditional" is not always good, it remains a good term to describe those that are. If you think a family should allow a mother to stay home and actively raise her children, you will probably be too busy doing just that. You won't have time to actively lobby for laws to do this. On the other hand, if you think that this is not important, then you will have no problem leaving your children to the care of someone else (if you have children at all) and then using your work time to push for the changes you want to support your choices, or those of others.

I see this as another aspect of our continued slide into destruction. I am not sure an solution to the problem exists, outside of Divine intervention.


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