Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Bought an iPad!

After being intrigued but largely not focusing on it, I got spurred into getting an iPad the very same day they happened to be releasing the 3G version. Naturally, I needed the biggest one they had, a 64GB 3G one.

I love it! While it isn't perfect and learning the controls can take a brief bit of time, I am finding it much more effective at things than either Kindle (I have both versions) ever was. I did get GoodReader based on a recommendation I saw on the web and I love the way it presents PDF files. They are very viewable and it works great for reading them.

Reading PDF files, which I need to do for classes I teach, is a significant motivation for having such a device, but I am also finding that it is a great game playing machine.

I had also noticed the Small World game came out. It is one of the few board games by that publisher that I don't have, but I will note that the iPad implementation is great. I do wish I could toggle off the stupid sound that plays on the screen when you start the app, but that is fortunately not part of the normal gameplay. I had steered away from it because of the fantasy theme, but that is mostly just a mechanic in the game, not a principle focus. It is all about taking territories and collecting residual income.

Highly recommended!

I am looking at getting a Mac now so I can play around with developing some of my own iPad apps as well. Looks cool. I have been "away from the Mac" for almost a decade now too!


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