Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tea Party Haters

I am a fair bit behind on listening to my Economist subscription and just came across the Letters section for an issue in early May. One of the letter writers complained that the Tea Party members only complained about their lot in life.

His solution, get more informed instead of just complaining. And what exactly would the point of that be? Or is that just another command to "shut up and get with the program of having the government take over more and more of life"?

Is he as critical of anti-war protesters, those who protest the oil spill and drive to the events in their gas-guzzlers, etc.? I doubt it, since those are more correct causes.

I am not a Tea Party member and I am unlikely to be, since I think politics today is largely a waste of time. We are given the illusion that we control things, not the reality.

Why is the "complaining" against the Tea Party any worse than the complaining Mr. Curcio and others in his party have likely done against Texas governor Rick Perry? They seem to always be complaining about something in the little bit of Texas politics I hear.

Complaining about the direction of your country/state/city/whatever is a perfectly valid use of our right to free speech. How ironic that those who want to "free" us don't want the same rights of free speech for those who disagree with their goals and methods.

Some day we will wake up and realize that a strong controlling government is a very dangerous thing. Unfortunately, that will probably be after it is far too late to do anything about it. It is probably too late now in fact. Too many people have become dependent on all the things that government provides (at a horrible ultimate price and one forceably extracted from others via taxes).

The freedoms we have can be lost very quickly and it is looking more and more like I will live to see that day. Big bummer on that one.

People like Mr. Curcio need to get a life. Instead of seeing their schemes of more Nanny State control in our lives as the only way, they need to wake up and see that shrinking back the power of our rulers would really be a good thing and that protesting against a state that sticks its nose in all things is a good thing.

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