Monday, November 01, 2004

Just to make sure I completely offend everyone, lets talk about the age of the earth & universe.

I can completely understand why non-Christians believe everything is trillions of years old, they have nothing on which to establish anything more recent. (Even though a great deal of the physical evidence really does point to a younger earth.)

We claim to now be scientific and driven only by facts, yet our creation myths are just as elaborate and made up as any used in ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome. I read a recent article in Scientific American that claimed there had to be multiple paralell universes, they were a fact. How this fact was ascertained was not elaborated, merely stated.

But for Christians, the Bible is pretty clear about how old things are, something around 6,000 years. Of course you can dispute this with some very fancy, misleading, and inconsistent footwork, but the clear reading of the text is that the universe was made about 6,000 years ago, with many a mere 6 days later.

At one time I bought into the Gap Theory, the idea that there is a huge gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. This is the only logical out, allowing for millions/billions/trillions of years that still keeping a consistent and trustworthy Biblical text. In reevaluating the Scriptures that seem to support/allow for a gap, I have concluded that they do no such thing. Thus I must believe what is written, not make up my own stories, no matter what other Christians or non-Christians say about it.

Ironically, I felt the idea of a Gap made so much sense because I had bought into the idea of millions of years through my years in government education. But why go for something that is not needed, and that conflicts with the text?

I can understand the world worshipping the creature (creation) rather than the Creator, but why do so many Christians insist upon doing so?

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