Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Kerry crashed in flyover country: "Just so you understand the terms when you read about them or hear them debated on National Public Radio: When a Republican says he is pro-life, that is divisive, but when a Democrat says he is for abortion rights, that is not at all divisive. When Rush Limbaugh rips into John Kerry, that is an exercise in divisiveness and hate, but when Michael Moore produces a documentary attacking President Bush with every sort of libel, that's merely a filmmaker doing his job."

This is a very good point. The table is very slanted in the traditional media. How wide and deep would be the cries for "unity" if Kerry had won? Did any liberal speak out against Michael Moore? We live in a biased society. While politics should definitely be limited as he notes at the end of the article, we should not ignore politics either.

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