Thursday, December 22, 2005

Paranoid Evolutionistas

Isn't it interesting how paranoid the modern Evolutionistas are? They worship the two primary gods called "Time" and "Chance". Anything that dares stand against them is fought tooth and nail. It sounds more like a modern priesthood desperate to keep its control than a valid group of scientist with some real truth on their side.

How anyone could look at this world and say, "It all just happened," is beyond me. Would anyone look at a computer and say that it all just happened? Yet evolutionary doctrine says just that - organisms more complicated than anything we can create just happened, when we can barely keep our computers running without lots of intervention. How is the modern creation myth (called Evolution) any different than the myths of ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece and Rome? All were believed with a fervor and allowed no dissent.

One reason I see for people standing so staunchly against anything that chips away against Evolution is because if they even allow for a creator (small "c"), they then have to figure out how they relate to that creator. And that is a very uncomfortable thought.

Not all are afraid of a creator, but I have a feeling this is a much more significant factor than many people realize.


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