Monday, December 26, 2005

Salt & Light?

It is a shame that so many Christians today are not being salt and light in our modern world.

We tend toward two extremes:
  1. Huddle in our own little group crying about how bad it is and how lost others are, but doing little to actively get the transforming message of the Gospel out to unsaved people.
  2. Actively engaging the world by participating fully in it, but failing to challenge things. This group goes to junk movies, spends hours watching TV, and participates in other such activities because they are fun. Sometimes this group will claim to be reaching those in such things, but their outreach will be very limited. Few of those who knew them would say they were Christians. And even if they were known as Christians, their witness is meaningless since they have no difference.

Instead of either of these we need to be actively developing Godly alternatives. We should be producing the materials and providing the services to transform our society. Modern presentation methods make this easier than any time in the past, yet too many Christians (myself included) are spending too much of their money piling up more toys for themselves, instead of investing in eternal things.

Can we see a change in this area? Will we?


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