Sunday, January 15, 2006

The idea of a creator must scare a lot of people. Look at how frenzied they get when something dares to even raise the problems with the Theory of Evolution.

A recent article on slashdot talked about an article claiming that discovering how bees fly put a "nail into the coffin of ID."

Right. I know how my computer works, so it must have just come together by "time and chance"....

Another recent story shows how much of "science" is full of mythical stories:

From the article: 'The team believes the plane could have formed in several ways. In one scenario, the galaxies may have fallen towards Andromeda along an invisible filament of dark matter. Computer simulations show these filaments can form a cosmic web along which galaxies flow.'"

The original article is at

Note how believing in a creator is anti-Science, but believing in mythical "dark matter" (which has never been seen) makes perfect sense to many people. And we trust these people as our modern high priests?

I think I will stick with "The Heavens declare the glory of God." :)


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