Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Building a Habit

I have proven how hard it is to build a new habit.  I completely forgot about blogging yesterday, blowing my attempt to post once each day this year. 

This demonstrates how hard it is to do something new.  Our existing habits will push to keep their active status, making it hard to fit in the new item.  I could say all kinds of clever ways to use post it notes, electronic reminders and other things to help keep us on track; but it ultimately comes down to a matter of repeatedly doing what our new habit is.

It is also important to keep pushing at the new habit.  It really doesn't matter that I missed one day.  The real point is to start posting something on a daily basis, even if specific days get missed in the process.

I would encourage all of you to take the same approach.  Aim at good goals, but don't quit if you seem to not hit them at first!

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