Sunday, October 28, 2012

Things I Have Learned from World of Warcraft

Some things I have learned while playing World of Warcraft:

- Your perspective has a big influence on how you see your situation.  Usually backing your perspective out so you see more of the situation helps you see that you are not as bad off as you may think.

- Surviving is sometimes enough.  Many people will boast about plowing through life's troubles, but few really do so.  Most of us struggle to apply what we have to overcome the obstacles before us. 

- Deal with one problem at a time.  You may be able to jump back and forth between the many fires in your life, but you can only really address one thing at a time.

- Our injuries are often are own fault.  We often stand in junk in life instead of moving ourselves to a safe location.

- Safe locations do not always exist.  You sometimes have just tough out the bad times and get them over as quickly as possible.

- Having friends to support you is worth more than any individual skill you might have.  Getting actively healed in life can allow you to face and overcome far more than you could alone.

- Some people are just inherently obnoxious.  They will swoop in and take the thing you have been working towards, often with no remorse on their part.  They are unlikely to realize you even exist beyond being someone to tie up the troubles that are keeping them from what they want.

- Some people are inherently nice.  You can find those who want to be helpful if you just look for them.  Don't impose on them, but let them help.

- Being a giving person generally helps you in the long run.  Some people will always take advantage of you, but being willing to freely give can also open up the nice people in your life.

Who says MMOs are completely useless?

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